18 03, 2015

Lifestyle Advice for Healthy Aging

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As a woman, it is important that you consider your daily habits and lifestyle choices and take a close look at the way these factors are impacting your overall health. Aging is an inevitable experience that everyone must deal with, and you need to be proactive with your activities and choices to make sure […]

11 03, 2015

Important Steps to Prevent Osteoporosis and Maintain Healthy Bones

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Many women don’t understand the importance of bone health until they have experienced a broken bone or fracture because of weak, brittle bones. Osteoporosis is becoming more common among the older generation, and this health problem can be prevented by following certain lifestyle and dietary changes. If you want to protect your health and […]

4 03, 2015

Menopausal Depression: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Mental Health

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Everyone has a bad day every now and then, but there is a big difference between having a bad day and experiencing depression. Depression can set in at any stage in life, and it is important to watch for the warning signs to get help if needed.
How to Tell if You are Depressed
Having a […]

24 02, 2015

Does Menopause Impact Blood Pressure?

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Most women feel like they are in a downward spiral when they are going through menopause, because they feel as though their health is falling to pieces. But, there is one thing that might not be trending downward: your blood pressure.

It is important to be aware of your blood pressure as you are going […]

17 02, 2015

Reduce Your Stress and Improve Your Health

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Many women are under constant stress because of their many life responsibilities: work, family, social events, and community. Our modern world has created an environment that is highly stressful, and it is taking a toll on our health. As a woman, it is especially important to manage your stress levels because women and men […]

10 02, 2015

Signs You Might Be Starting Menopause

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As you age, it is natural for changes to happen within your body, and some women are more aware than others about those changes and how they are impacting day-to-day life. If you are noticing differences in your physical symptoms or mood, then it is possible that you might be entering either perimenopause or […]

3 02, 2015

Recognizing the Symptoms of a Heart Attack

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Did you know that a heart attack is the number one killer of women? We often talk about breast self-exams and other self-care to look for potential signs of cancer, but it is also important to watch for the signs of heart attack as well.
Different Symptoms: Women vs. Men
Many women don’t realize that the […]

27 01, 2015

How Sleep Impacts Your Hormones

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The term “beauty rest” is often used when a person is referring to a good night’s sleep, and there is much to be said about the fact that sleep can have a direct impact on your appearance and your overall health. Did you know that your sleep patterns can affect your hormone levels? If […]

20 01, 2015

How Water Consumption Impacts Your Health During Menopause

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It is often said that water is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and understanding the role that water plays within the body will help you to see the importance of drinking enough water each day. A woman’s day is filled with many responsibilities, such as caring for her family, managing her career, […]

13 01, 2015

Natural Remedies for Yeast Infections

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There are several menopause myths that are commonly shared among women, and one popular myth is that menopause can increase the occurrence of yeast infections. Is there any truth to the idea that you are more prone to yeast infections during perimenopause or menopause? In this article, we are going to take a look […]